Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Exclusions?

All policies contain exclusions detailing conduct that is not covered. Typically, policies exclude coverage of illegal conduct, sexual improprieties, items misrepresented on the application for insurance, hospital or laboratory administration and records alteration.

When completing an application for insurance, it is important to give as complete answers as is possible. It is important to give an insurance company all of the information it needs to underwrite your practice. Insurers rarely verify the information on the application with outside sources. They do not have to because misrepresentations can void the policy.

As with any overview, this insurance information is general and intended to help you make informed decisions. The actual policies available in your state may contain features not discussed above. An insurance policy is a contract between you and an insurance company. You should read and understand any policy that you purchase. If you have any questions, have the company or insurance broker or agent take as much time as you need to explain policy terms to your satisfaction.

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