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Concierge Physicians Medical Malpractice Insurance

As a Concierge Physician, you care for patients who desire the unique professional attention only you can offer: attentive medical care with no rush to move from patient to patient and attention to medical needs in a compassionate and empathetic environment.

The relationship between a Concierge Physician and patient is special, creating a closeness and confidence that may not exist in a typical physician/patient relationship. While this may reduce the likelihood of medical malpractice suits, unfortunately no matter how competent and compassionate your services, you can be sued by patients.

This is why every Concierge Physician should protect their practice and personal assets with Medical Malpractice Insurance coverage.

Contemporary Insurance Services offers a policy to provide top-notch protection of this sort, The Concierge Physician Professional Liability Policy. It is endorsed by the American Academy of Private Physicians.

Why CIS?

The Concierge Physician Medical Malpractice Insurance program insures with highly-rated malpractice insurance companies with decades of experience defending malpractice claims.

See our Concierge Physician brochure for more information about this exciting AAPP-endorsed program.

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