Long Term Care Facilities

Coverage for Long Term Care Facilities

Contemporary Insurance Services, Inc. (CIS) has over 40-years’ experience providing Professional and General Liability, Workers Compensation and other coverages to Healthcare providers, nationwide. We provide coverage to Long Term Care facilities, healthcare organizations, physicians and allieds.

Our experience across a wide range of PL/GL exposures allows us to bring insurers that are not traditional LTC carriers to the table. We work to reduce the stress that traditionally is part of the annual renewal process. Unlike many agencies that promote shopping year after year, we promote negotiations that build relationships and trust between the insurer and our LTC clients to obtain quality coverages and predictable renewals.

On Workers Compensation, particularly for facilities involved in captive arrangements, we provide knowledgeable advice on program structure, and stay engaged after placement to assure satisfactory claims handling and releases of excess collateral.

Why CIS?

We work with our insureds to establish a coverage architecture that provides comfortable self-insured and excess layers compliant with HUD requirements and includes strategies to best protect our clients during claims.

Contemporary Insurance Services works with clients who have been made unfulfilled promises year after year, and we have delivered, even in hard markets.

That is why we number the respected CareRite Services, LLC and Alaris Health Systems among our clients.

We had been looking for insurance coverages that were more tailor made and fitted to us, rather than us trying to fit into them. Aton and Isi Teitelbaum, not only understood what we were looking for, but actually delivered a creative design that was just great for what we were looking for. Thank you Aton and Isi Teitelbaum. They are thoughtful, creative and presented unique comprehensive solutions, giving us exactly what we needed now and for the future, and a pleasure to work with.

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