Quality Malpractice Insurance for Psychiatrists

As a Psychiatrist, you care for patients who desire the unique professional attention only you can offer. Unfortunately, no matter how competent and compassionate your services, you can be sued by patients.

This is why every Psychiatrist should protect their practice and personal assets with Professional Liability coverage. Contemporary Insurance Services, Inc. developed an exclusive policy to provide top-notch protection of this sort, The Psychiatrist Professional Liability Policy.

With Contemporary Insurance Services, you’ll get:

  • Free access to risk management consultants for questions that arise in your practice.
  • Free access to attorneys for malpractice questions that arise in your practice.
  • Free extended reporting period (tail) is available for insureds who have been continuously insured and claims-free under this program for ten years, providing significant savings. Free retirement tails are also available.
  • Occurrence and claims made coverage options
  • HIPAA defense coverage
  • Administrative Hearing defense coverage in licensing or hospital actions
  • Coverage for personal expenses from an assault on you when you render professional services
  • Coverage for injuries to patients or damages to their property not related to malpractice

Why CIS?

Contemporary Insurance Services has serviced the malpractice insurance needs of healthcare professionals for over 40 years, and is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to better meet our clients’ needs.

There’s no need to purchase a tail to switch to our program.

See our Psychiatrist brochure for more information about this exciting program.

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